Converting MIDI type 1 files to MIDI type 0 files

Purpose. This program can convert MIDI type 1 files to MIDI type 0 files. It has two modes: single mode and multi mode.In single mode (default), all events of all tracks are assembled in one track which is saved as a single file.In multi mode (selected by -m), each track of the input file is separated and saved to the output file. In single mode, the input file will be overwritten if no output file name is provided. In multi mode, the track number is appended to the basename of the input file (i.e. it is inserted before the extension).


java MidiConverter [ -m ] input_midifile output_midifile



selects multi mode


the name of the MIDI file to process


the name of the output MIDI file (optional)

Bugs, limitations. Not well tested.

Source code.