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The Java Sound Resources are programmed, collected and presented by Florian Bomers and Matthias Pfisterer (More about Florian and Matthias).

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You can send an e-mail to the maintainers of It is recommended to do so if you have a question referring to one of the examples, the FAQ, want to mock about the site design, etc.

If you have a general question on Java Sound (programming) or on Tritonus, please use one of the mailing lists. Use javasound-interest for general questions. Use tritonus-user if you have questions on Tritonus. You can also use the links to subscribe to the mailing lists or scan their archives.

There is an advantage of asking on mailing lists: many people will read your email. Some of them may be quicker or more competent than Florian and Matthias. Additionally, since the answers are stored in archives, this helps other people having the same problem.

You may belong to the people who appreciate a quick and comprehensive response to their questions. For some tips how to get the most out of the mailing lists, have a look at the Java Sound Resources: Contact: Question Guidelines. Following these guidelines is likely to result in better answers.




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