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Ripping of CDs and encoding to mp3

From the session Ripping and Encoding to mp3 with the Java Sound API at JavaOne 2002.


The Tritonus Team presents the Ripper: extracting digital audio from audio CDs (ripping) and simultaneously encoding the audio data to mp3 with the Tritonus' mp3 encoder.

The demo program has a GUI and was initially presented in a public session at JavaOne 2002. It is now released as open source software.

During the session, we explained the implemented algorithms and presented the problems we encountered while developing these Java Sound API-based plugins. Code examples are given. You should have basic knowledge of the Java Sound API.


javaone2002-bof1821.pdf (224 kB)Presentation slides (right-click and select "save as..." to save it to disk)
ripper-src-<version>.zipComplete source code with instructions
ripper-<version>.jarCompiled classes. You can run the application with java -jar ripper.jar
CVSBrowse the source code online in the CVS repository.