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This site helps you to learn and master the Java Sound API.
You'll find code examples, FAQs and applications.


The well-known Java Sound Examples show good usage and best practices for programming the Java Sound API. Many of the examples are minimal and easy to follow. But you'll also find special tricks and more complex stuff. Code is saying more than 1000 words!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Well, let's hope that everybody knows what this is...so just go there if you have a question!

We highly recommend to have a look at the FAQ before posting a question to the javasound-interest mailing list: it may solve all your problems! Well, at least it may save you time, money and flames.


Some complete open source applications are ready for you, too.


All source code on this web site is open source. If you want to access the public CVS, get involved with development of the example code, or submit bugs or new code, go to the development page.


The contact page provides information who is responsible for all this mess here!